Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Profit from Rising Equity on Homes that Won't Sell

A common problem faced by real estate agents is a home that won't sell. You may even find yourself in this situation. Many times you can save your sale if you partner with the right company.

Finding the right company is the key. Many times, property management companies are branches of a real estate brokerage designed to generate leads. Provident Property Management is different. Provident is an independent management company that does not sell properties. There are three main ways that you benefit when you work with Provident:
  •   Extend your network: What does a management only company do when a client is ready to stop renting the house and start selling it? Or what if an investor wants to purchase more rental property and asks the management company for advice? Working with a management company that doesn't sell property means that the referrals, and the sales, come to you.
  •  Save your clients: You work hard to cultivate your client list. Do you really want to throw all that hard work away by handing your clients to a real estate brokerage that also has a property management branch?  Look for a management company that doesn't sell property. Then, when it's time to sell, the client will be referred right back to you. You might even consider it a long-term investment. 
  • Build more trust: You work hard to build a relationship and trust with your clients. When you refer a client that can't or isn't ready to sell their house to a quality property management company, you build rapport. This leads to more referrals and more sales.

The dividends from working with the right property management company are countless. The trick is to find a management company that won't throw you under the bus. Luckily, in the St. Charles area Provident stands ready to help you make more money.

5 Steps to Get your Home Halloween Ready

Halloween is coming, and pretty soon your neighborhood will be crawling with little tykes, teenagers and adults all clamoring for candy. Everyone should prepare for Halloween since the traditions take place primarily at night. Take these five easy steps to get your home Halloween ready.

1.     Lights: Take some time and take a look at your porch and garage lights. Having your light on will not only signal that you indeed have candy, but ensure that there are no missteps on the way up to your door.

2.     Walkways: Identify where you want the foot traffic to go. The ideal path for pedestrians is the sidewalk because it is safe and easy. However, as darkness falls not all house lights are bright enough for everyone to see your sidewalk. Get some lights to line the path, ensuring that everyone is safe and that your flowers don’t get trampled. For a festive, do-it-yourself project, try these milk-jug ghosts. 

3.     Driveways: Cars and pedestrians don’t always mix well. Keep your driveway a pedestrian-only zone by marking it off with lights, haystacks or pumpkins. That way there are no accidents because of a small child or careless backer.

4.     Leaves: With fall come leaves on the ground. Leaves on the sidewalk can create a tripping hazard for walkers – not to mention a haven for bugs. Rake the leaves off walkways before Halloween night to ensure that no one trips.

5.     Candy: How many times have you forgotten the candy on your way to the door only to have to run back before the little tykes scamper away? Keep the candy near the door – this makes it easier for you and reduces your chances of tripping because you’re rushed. 

Overall, Halloween is about having fun! Go get some decorations and colored lights to make your home, walkway or garden glow. Happy Halloween!