What do we do?

Provident Property Management is a St. Charles-based full service property management company. We offer a new approach for today's real estate rental market. Our unique service model allows owners to pick the services they need and customize their service package. Because we are a service oriented company, we work hard to keep our clients and don’t rely on strict contracts to force people to stay with us.

Why we are different

Our goals: We know times are hard; we strive to help home owners who are currently unable to sell their homes to rent them out. This allows the owner to hold onto their biggest asset while the tenant helps to pay down the mortgage. By using our service owners can be stress free while renting. We also offer services that help to keep the house in ready to sell condition so when the time comes for the home owner to put their house on the market, they are able to do so with little to no restoration costs.

We know that investors have very different needs from property managers than home owners. At Provident, we strive to help investors reach their monthly revenue goals. We help investors increase revenue by lowering rental loss due to vacancy and high maintenance costs. We understand the need to adhere to strict operational cost standards and strive to meet investor guidelines.

No Sales: unlike most brokerages, whose main goal is to short hold and sell your home, our primary objective is to long term manage rental property, not to flip it for a quick buck. This means we treat your building as a long term asset and work to keep it well maintained for the long term.

No Annual contracts: Our contracts run from tenant to tenant and not on an annual basis. If a unit is vacant and the owner wishes to pursue other arrangements, they are able to do so with no penalties. We believe our service should keep your business, not our contracts.

What we offer

Less Vacancy: Don’t lose prospective tenants due to poor scheduling and difficult showings. We understand that vacancy is your biggest expense. We take calls and do showings after hours and on weekends to make it easy for prospective tenants to see your property.

Better Maintenance: We can quickly and frequently visit your property to ensure it is being maintained properly. Not only is our maintenance response fast, but it is also comprehensive, we survey all work first and assess if the problem can be handled in house for a cheaper rate or if professionals need to be called in. Our constant attention, quick response, and comprehensive maintenance approach will ensure happy tenants, that all work is finished promptly, and at the right price.

Basic and Additional Services: All of our basic services are offered to all owners regardless of property income. We offer many of the same services that other management companies offer, but at a much lower price. We also offer many additional optional services that add value to your property and make it a more desirable place for people to live.

More Money: That’s right! Good property management doesn’t cost...it pays! You aren’t available to take every call and do showings at the drop of a hat, we are. We also pass on bulk discounts to you on maintenance and advertising. We can price your property right and we know the market.