Owner Fees

Provident Property Management uses a simple fee structure with no additional leasing, hidden or junk fees.

10% Monthly Management Fee

How it Works: Provident fees are 10% of gross collected monthly rent i.e. $500 monthly rent collected *10% = $50 Monthly Fee
Benefit: Small easy fee structure for all basic services
Provident’s fee structure uses 10% of the collected gross monthly income for a unit as payment for leasing and management services. Additional maintenance and services are added as needed with the payment for services being added as an expense on the monthly statement.

One-time Setup Fee

How it Works: This fee is $150  and only happens once when the unit is initially secured by Provident

Provident has a 1 time setup fee for every new unit. This fee only happens when the unit is initially brought into our system and is not a continuous leasing fee. The setup fee covers initial administration fees, initial unit inspections, initial Rental Value Analysis and 2 sets of new entry deadbols to prepare the unit for being in the Provident Property Management system.

All of our other services are offered a la carte and charged for at time of use only. We have a variety of services so we can customize a package for each client. Lawn care, maintenance, vacant unit care, winter clean-up, and pest control are just a few of the options available. Please contact us so we can set up a package that works for you!